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November 6, 2006

sampoerna indonesia

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Join Us!


06 November 2006
Fresh Graduate, General Clerical

We are one of the largest multinational companies in Indonesia. Our superior brands such as: Dji Sam Soe, A-Mild, Sampoerna Hijau, U-Mild, among others. Our business will always be competitive and demanding – operationally and intellectually. Our people thrive on these challenges. Our goal is to build an environment of equal opportunities, where each employee can use their unique talents and work styles to meet and exceed business and personal objectives. We are currently seeking for highly qualified fresh graduates or who will be graduated this year to join our company as:

* Hold Bachelor or Master Degree from any educational background
* Minimum GPA for Bachelor Degree: 3.00, GPA for Master Degree: 3,30
* Not older than 27 years old
* Strong Analytical Thinking, Achievement Orientation, Integrity and Team Player
* Fluent in English, both oral and written
* Available to be relocated to major cities in Indonesia
* Preferably fresh graduates

Please submit your application together with a complete resume not later than two weeks after this advertisement date. Only short candidates will be notified. Please send your cv to address or email below:

Sampoerna Strategic Square
Tower B, 3rd Floor.
Jakarta Selatan 12930
Email: sampoerna.indonesia@gmail.com


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