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Juni 20, 2007

mahardika indonus consulting

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We are looking for few good candidates for our PMA clients as follow
well known electonic manufacturing has opening for the following positions :
1.HRD manager (HRD)
male / female max 30yo
S1 from univercity majoring psycholog
strong leadership interpersonal and organizational skills
able to view complete and computer litearture
fresh graduated are welcome
2.Accounting (ACC)
male / female max 25yo
min D3 from any univercity
strong interpersonal commincation skills
fluent in english and higly proficient in Ms Office and acc software
fresh graduated are welcome
3.Tax Manager (TAX)
male / female max 35 Yo
graduated in D3 Acc and tax
experience in tax planning
brevet a/b/c certificate is a plus
strong interpersonal communication skills
proactive and dedicated
ability to interact professionaly with state tax dept
excellent in english and proficient in ms office

CV with photo by email must bein by the lates 2 weeks from now :

PT Mahardika Indonus Consulting
graha sucofindo 10th floor
email mahardika07@gmail.com

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