Lowongan Palsu Maxgain

Januari 28, 2008

Kalbe Indofarma

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KALBE INDOFARMA is a Leading Health Foods Company in Indonesia, looking for the best and the profesional candidates to fill the following position :

* Min. 1 year working experience in similar position in consumer goods industry
* Male or Female max. 35 years old
* Min. Bachelor degree in Chemistry
* Concern for quality
* strong analytical & Conceptual thinking
* excellent communication skill.

* Male or Female max 30 years old
* Bachelor Degree
* Experience in a similar position from a consumer goods company will be an advantage
* Result Oriented, Multi Tasking, Value Driven dand Resourceful
* Resourceful in developing new supplier
* Work well under pressure
* Excellent communication skill to negotiate, maintaining good relation with supplier

* Male max 40 years old
* Min. 1 year experience in similar position preferable in consumer goods industry
* Bachelor Degree in Food Technology or Chemical Technique
* Have experience on food safety/HACCP/ISO and handle pest control
* Have strong personality, concern for quality
* Honest & coordination skill.

* Female max 30 years of age
* Minimum Diploma in Administrative or equivalent field
* Experience in administrative field will be advantage
* Computer literate
* Honest, hardworking and a team player
* Minimum passive in English

Please send your resume and recent photgraph to:
Attn: Mrs. Jenny Sugandhi
email: kalbe.indofarma@yahoo.com

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