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Februari 20, 2008

PT. Tiga Raksa Multinasional

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We are a leading national sales and distribution company, focusing on fast moving consumer goods, gas & appliances, children’s educational books, and fashion products. Due to our rapid growth, we are seeking dynamic and achievement-oriented people for following positions :

1. Trade Marketing Manager
The candidates should have :
– Min. bachelor degree in any dicipline
– Posses a proven track record as Trade Marketing Specialist in a FMCG company would be an advantage
– You are also expected to show thorough knowledge about distribution channel & brand management, and to have a good analytical thinking and communication skills

2. Regional Logistics Manager
The candidates should have :
– Min. bachelor degree in any dicipline
– Relevant experiences in logistic service provider or a FMCG company would be high considered
– Good warehousing practices, strong leadership, good relationship management, decisive, and willing to work under pressure.

3. Key Account Representatives
The candidates should have :
– Min. bachelor degrre in any dicipline
– Experiences as Key Account Specialist in a FMCG company would be an advantage
– Capable to analyze market data, provide recommendations, and execute marketing programs
– Good in English both written and spoken would be high considered

4. Sales Management Trainee
The candidates should have :
– Min. bechelor degree in any dicipline
– Fresh graduates are welcome to apply
– Target-oriented, willing to learn and to work hard, willing to work in a team

Interested candidates please e-mail your resume, CV and recent photograph to :

Bpk. Adhi Mulya S.
Head of HRD Dept.- PT Tiga Raksa Multinasional

e-mail : tigaraksa.multi_sdm@yahoo.com

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