Lowongan Palsu Maxgain

April 3, 2008

HRD Wilkins

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Pak MODERATOR — mohon untuk pemuatan untuk menyebarkan info lowongan kerja ini

buat mereka yang telah bekerja, mungkin dapat meneruskan informasi ini kepada kerabat, kenalan, teman atau siapa saja. mudah–mudahan dapat menjadi berkat


If you….
* Male/Female, 20-55 years old and Domicile in Jabodetabek
* Min D3/S1 graduated from any reputable university , any dicipline
* Good looking and professional
* Have wide/broad relationship will be advantages
* An independent and dynamic individual with good communication and interpersonal skills
* Computer literate
* Interested in earning unlimited income and willing to work for it
* Enjoy meeting people

Your Job…
* Help Manager to manage overall sales and marketing activities, identifying opportunities and execute them accordingly
* Recruit and train marketing staff for skills improvement and development
* develop client’s business and provide financial and investment advice for them

You can get…
* Free Full Training and Education Program
* Great and Overseas career opportunities
* Excellent and high income in USD
* Allowance + Commissions + Bonus + Incentives
* Friendly and fun working environment
* Work together with other young and talented professional

Please send your full resume and application to :
mark168168@gmail.com or hrd_wilkins_bm@yahoo.co.id
Call : 0819 – 08147446 or 0819 – 1145888

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