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April 9, 2008

PT. Brands Indonesia

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Brands was founded in 1804 to make brandy and gin. In 1846, the company moved in to the packaging business with a patented process of making lead capsules to prevent pilferage from brandy bottles. Brands Indonesia started in 1993, and is a subsidiary of the UK based Brands Group. It is located in South Jakarta, the largest city of Indonesia. Other Brands companies are strategically located around the world in USA, UK, Poland, Russia, India, China, and Brazil. With an excellent reputation for high quality and service, Brands Indonesia holds the prestigious Platinum Standard for Safety. In 1999 it was one of the few Indonesian manufacturers to receive the ‘ISO 9002’ certificate of quality. Now in 2003 we have also achieved the latest ‘ISO 2000’ award. The factory is purpose built and designed on a modular basis for future expansion. Current production facilities take up 3,468 square meters of the 16,000 square meter site. male max 28 thn.


A foreign Investment Company Manufacturing in packaging located in South Jakarta has invited dedicated and talented professional to join our team for :
1. Assistant Technical Manager (ATM)
2. Shift Technician (ST)
3. Marketing Supervisor (MSPV)
4. Marketing Staff (MS)
5. Tax Supervisor (TSPV)
6. Account Payable Staff (APS)
7. Purchasing Staff (PS)
With the following requirements:
• Female/Male
• S1 Mechanical Engineering /Manufacturing Technology (1)
• S1 or Diploma degree (DIII) electronics engineering (2)
• S1 Industrial/ Mechanical/ Technical Engineering,
• S1 any discipline, preferable Industrial Engineering (4)
• S1 Accounting, familiar with Finance, Accounting and Taxation process and reporting (5,6)
• S1 statistics (7)
• Fresh graduate welcome to apply
• Good leadership, problem solving, initiative, analytical, management skill, Integrity, and detail-oriented person (1,3,5)
• Excellent communication skill, Computer proficiency, fluent in both oral & written English, sociable, smarts, dynamic, high stress-tolerance, positive attitude, good teamwork, communication skill and pleasant personality (1-7)

Please sent your application, CV, recent photograph (4×6) with indicating code to:
Human Resources Department
PT Brands Indonesia
email : brands.mngr@yahoo.com
or to PO BOX 1184 JKS 12011

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