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April 9, 2008

PT. Cahaya Tri Moda

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Deskripsi Perusahaan:
PT CAHAYA TRI MODA has evolved into a leading technology company with our core competency strongly focused on providing IT turnkey consultation and solutions. Since our founding, we have been supplying business solutions that ensure the highest level of reliability, and performance. As a Sole Partner for Blackberry Enterprise Installer for the biggest operator, We have established a strong working relationship with the Operator to deliver comprehensive business oriented solutions. We believe in technical excellence with a personal touch. As we continue to upgrade and innovate in staying ahead of the intensive competition, we strive to deliver the best in technology to enhance our corporate partners’ and customers’ businesses.

# Female with good looking and appearance
# Min. education SMA/SMK
# Having good & persuasive communication skills
# Highly motivated
# Have strong confidence

– Male/Female,
– Min Education D1
Specific tasks
– Prospecting and introducing the services (training and consulting services)
– Maintain relationships with the clients

The candidates should have:
– good communication skills
– pleasant personality
– strong motivation

If you are confident that you meet our requirements, please forward your application with complete curriculum vitae and recent photograph,indicating the job position to dept1_cahaya@yahoo.com

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    PT. Cahaya Tri Moda | Lowongan Palsu Maxgain

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