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Juli 4, 2008

PT Hero Supermarket Tbk

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PT Hero Supermarket,Tbk. is one of the leading retail player in Indonesia, which has the affiliation in Asia Pacific including Hongkong, S’pore, Malaysia, China & Taiwan.
Due to rapid growth of expansion within our chain drug stores–GUARDIAN, our hyper mart-GIANT, and many more.
We need dedicated and dynamic professionals to drive our business further, with the following positions ;

1. Assistant Manager (ASSM)
Qualification :

-.Male / Female, max 40 years old
-.Having experience in related position
-.Speak & Write English Fluently
-.Computer Literate
-.Degree from any major of reputable university
-.Fresh Graduates welcome

2. Marketing Staf (MKT)
Qualification :
-.Male / Female min 20 years old
-.Min. Diploma Degree
-.Posses a high level of intelligence, excellent interpersonal, presentation, communication and analytical skills
-.Able to manage, develop relationship and negotiate at all levels of management
-.Discipline, confident, mature, dynamic, responsible, able to work in minimum supervision or in a team, posses positive attitude / mind set and highly self motivated
-.Like to challenge, result oriented, dynamic, communicative and independent
-.Computer literate (Word, Excel & Power point )

3. Merchandising Manager (MM)
Qualification :

-.MIn. S1 graduate
-.Not more than 35 years old
-.Having experience in related position
-.Familiar with department store distribution channels
-.Aware of the latest trend in domestic as well as international
-.Good taste and intuition
-.Good interpersonal relationship skill with team work attitude
-.Mature and independence in problem solving

4.Finance and Accounting Staff (ACC)
Qualification :

-.Male/ Female
-.Min S1 in accounting or economy
-.Full responsibility, teamwork spirit and loyalty
-.Fluently in English (oral and written) and familiar with personal computer
-.Willing to work hard and under pressure
-.Fresh graduate is welcome

-.Female/ Male age between 18 to 30
-.Min. education SMA/SMK
-.Available to work in flexible time
-.Good looking, outgoing personality, energetic, full of enthusiasm & self motivated

Please submit your application letter together with Curriculum Vitae, supporting documents and recent photograph to:

Human Resources Development

Recruitment Division

(please send email not over than 500kb)

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