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Juli 7, 2008

PT. Cipta Dana Kreasi

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PT. Cipta Dana Kreasi
Urgently Required

We are a finacial company Located in Jakarta. We are looking for any aggressive and highly motivated candidate to join our team. If you are ready for challenge and wants to joint us we have an exciting career opportunity as:

* Accounting & Finance Staff
* Administration Staff
* Customer Relations Officer

* Male / Female age min. 19 years old
* Fresh graduate are welcome
* D1 / D3 / S1 degree any major
* Computer literate ( Ms. Office )
* Hardworking, high motivations, and independent
* Able to work under pressure
* Fluent English oral & written is a must
* Minimum Income Rp. 1.800.000 ++

If you are interested in the above position, send a detailed resume with recent photograph to:
email: ciptadanakreasi@yahoo.com

or you can contact :
Mr. Danar (08567623432)

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