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Juli 27, 2008

PT. Panasonic Indonesia

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PT. Panasonic Indonesia is a joint venture sales company, looking for a qualified personnel who is analytical and logical with a high motivation and a self starter. If you are able to work in a team and are willing to work hard in a highly dynamic and demanding situations, we invite you to fill our vacant position as:

* Female / Male
* Minimum S1 degree majoring Resources Management / Psychology / Management
* Knowledgeable Organizational Development and HR Development, Job Analysis, Job Evaluation Methods
* Has strong leadership & interpersonal skills
* Computer literate
* Fluency in both oral & written English is a must

Junior Recruitment Staff
* Male / Female
* Min. Diploma degree
* Comunicative dan Persuasif
* Able to work under pressure
* Computer literate
* Fresh graduate are welcome

Export Staff
* Male/Female, Diploma and S1 degree
* Fluency in written & spoken English
* Good interpersonal, communication, initiative, & active
* Can work under pressure and overtimes will be preferred.
* Computer literacy

* Male
* Bachelor degree from any major
* English language & computer literacy (MS Office) is a must
* Have analytical thinking, leadership and communication skill
* Having experience in similar position is a must

Please send your application letter and recent photograph to:
e-mail: panasonic.indo_hrd@yahoo.com

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