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Maret 12, 2010

PT. Jayamix

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Subject: [IndoCareer – Execufinder & Labor provider] URGENTLY REQUIREMENT : PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR
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This company is engaged in the field of Manufacturing Concrete
Address: Jln. Buncit Raya no.139

Vacancy for:
Production Supervisor

Work Location in: Jakarta


Production Supervisor
– Men / women
– Minimum 1 years experience in the field of Production
– – Minimum Education S1
– English passive minimum
– Can operate Computer literate
– Understand the quality of standard materials, standard test specification and trial mix concrete
– Able to communicate with both
– Ability to lead team
– Ability to foster good relations

Submit application and CV to : hrd.jayamix@yahoo.com

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  1. Monster.com phish babak ke 2 ?

    Komentar oleh Bob — Maret 14, 2010 @ 7:51 pm

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