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April 1, 2010

PT. Graha Medika

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Employer:       PT. GRAHA MEDIKA
Address:        Garot Subroto Raya No.17 Jakarta Selatan
Website:        http://

Contact Person: Thomas
Company Description:    Bergerak Di Bidang IT



•       Male/Female min 20 years old
•       Min D3, S1/S2 Degree from reputable University
•       Fresh Graduate Are welcome
•       Fluent in English and computer literate
•       Highly developed Human Resources Management System, Communication and Interpersonal skills
•       Strong leadership, target oriented, creative and innovative
•       Demonstrated ability to effectively lead and manage a team and bring professionals together in the provision of excellent service delivery
•       Hands on in handling the confidentiality of restricted information for corporate and either employees
Salary     : Rp. 2000.000 – 3.500.00

If you meet the above requirement, please send your application letter, complete CV expected salary, transcript and your latest colorphotograph to:


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