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April 30, 2010

PT. Rinnai Indonesia

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We are a leading Distribution Company and has been the sole distributor
PT.Rinnai Indonesia Home Appliances since 1988. Currently seeking for smart,
highly motivated, highly enthusiastic and skillful individuals to join our
aggressively Growing Organization:
Logistic Manager (LOG MGR)

� age main. 21 years
� Bachelor degree in industrial / Mechanical Engineering / Management
� Good knowledge and skill in storage process, Importation rules & distribution
� Good interpersonal skill, fast learner, positive attitude and ability to work
under pressure
� Perform a good quality leadership competencies in handling People,
System-Procedure & Organization climate
� Basic salary Rp : 3.700.000

Data Entry

� Excellent written and verbal English communication skills
� Minimum of 1 years experience with data entry and/or administrative work
� Management experience preferred
� Must be able to work independently while multi-tasking
� Basic knowledge of word processing (Word) and spreadsheets (Excel)
� Familiarity with the Internet and websites
� Solid references
� Basic Salary : Rp. 1.500.000

If you meet all the requirements above, please send your comprehensive
application and resume to
Gedung Sastra Graha Lt. 6 Jl. Raya Pejuangan No. 21, Jakarta, Indonesia

Or Email :
E-mail: hrddivision2010@yahoo.co.id

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