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Maret 7, 2010

PT. Bakrie Telecom, Tbk

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PT. Bakrie Telecom, Tbk is a fast growing telecommunication company, known with its products such as Esia, Wifone and Wimode, is looking high qualified suitable candidates for the following positions:

1) Customer Relation Officer (CRO)

Job Description
As a Customer Relation Officer, you have to keep long term relationship with our customer, giving a presentation of company product services, handling customer’s complaint and doing some product promotion activity.

Requirements :
– Female/Male
– Minimum bachelor degree
– Strong interpersonal communication skill, great appearance, proactive, enthusiasm and able to work in a team
– Good command in English


Job Description:
– Manage all the process required to open relationship to new customer
– Manage all programs to manage relationship with existing and ex customer
– Manage relationship with media (PR function)

– Female/Male
– Strong Leadership, discipline and result oriented.
– Able to work effectively and efficiently under very tight schedule.
– Have good personality and professional interpersonal skills.
– Educational background: min D3


Job Description:
– Doing sales activities in data communication network (VSAT IP, private network
/ telecommunication bussiness area)
– Maintaining exsisting customers
– Preferably having network in government / banking / corporate segmentation


– Minimum hold a bachelor degree in any discipline
– At least 1 – 2 years of sales experience in telecommunication business
– Acquinted in information technology / data communication area
– Having strong sense of sales & marketing
– Having strong leadership and able to work in team
– Target – oriented

Please submit application letter and CV to:

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